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Posting messages on guestbooks, blogs, WiKi, bulletin boards

There are 2 ways of posting messages on forums and guestbooks:

  • Manually to fill the fields, spending hours, days or even weeks — for promoting website or project, by communicating with people directly
  • Use XRumer program, which will make all thousand times faster and more efficiently

The choice is — Yours...

More details about XRumer software package

P.S. XRumer uses unique technology to bypass and avoid more than 150,000 types of graphical captchas, 110,000 types of textual captcha, and can even defeat most website protection mechanisms that attempt to stop robots or automation software.

P.P.S. Crack version of XRumer 2.0, 2.5, program crack, keygen, free download of XRumer и Hrefer will help you only to get viruses — do not fall in their scam, this software can not crack, because it uses working part on remote servers!

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